XION Case Fan AXP-GF140_WT


XION AXP Alphawing Series 140mm, H.S.B Bearing, Black/White_ Retail


·Unique patented H.S.B Bearing Design to optimize performance.
·Anti-acoustic low Noise level designed.
·Long life expectancy of 60,000 hours in 40 degree C.
·Driving Powerful air flow up to 51.02 CFM, operating at 1200 RPM.
·Best Wire Management and 3 to 4 pins Adaptor included.

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Carrying on patented H.S.B Bearing with Vortex fan blade design, XION Alphawing Series gives you something more than just quietness. Adopting innovation Japanese premium long life H.S.B bearing, quiet matters, performance and energy saving are not to second.
Sophisticated H.S.B Bearing, brings up life expectancy of 60,000 hours in 40 degree and no oil leaking issue like conventional fan bearings, increases fan efficiency and also reduces current consumption, truly eco-friendly.
Rotating at low speed minimizing with low noise level to high speed powerful performance, fits to user’s needs.

Series :

AXP Alphawing Series

Brand : XION
Model : AXP-GF140_WT
Color: Black Frame with White Blades
Type: Case Fan
Bearing Type : Hybrid Sleeves Bearing ( H.S.B )
Blade Geometry : 7 Vortex Blades.
Power Connector : 3 Pin with 4 Pin Power connector.
Fan Speed : 1000rpm±10%
Max Air Flow : 59.60 CFM Max.
Acoustical Noise : 18.6 ~ 23.30 dBA
Voltage Range : 12V
MTBF > 60,000 h.
Dimension: 140 x 140 x 25mm
Weight : 178.20g

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