Xion new gaming series, XON 985 Black with Blue LED. Features include 2x Front USB 3.0, Front Hot-Swap dock for easy access to HDD and SDD, HD audio, Top mount fan control buttons, Removable HDD cages, 1x Radiator water cooling support and large area for heatsinks, graphic cards and E-ATX motherboard.
Xion releases XON 720P mATX/ITX Slim HTPC Series Desktop. 5 in 1 Card Reader, USB 3.0 Support, HD Audio, Vertical or Horizontal Position setup, Glossy Black Front Panel, two Color choice of Black or White. Includes 300W Power Supply and 1x 80mm top Fan.
Xion Xon 560 Series. Available in Black and White. Hybrid Mesh Front Panel. Easy installation of SDD and HDD. 13” VGA Card Support, 7 Fans Support, HD Audio, Front I/O ports, Cpu cut out, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, Side Ventilation and Black/White internal Finish.

XION 18” SATA II Cable ( 180∘ to 180)

Designed for the SATA and SATA II drives, the XION SATA Cable is an excellent cable product that can be used for any SATA enabled systems. Constructed with the thickness of regular SATA cables and covered at both ends with shielded plates, high signal integrity is insured for all data transfers up to 3Gb per second. the XION SATA Cable will provide users of high-end storage solutions the best experience not only in performance and security but also in style and colors.

Features :
* Compliant with Serial ATA II Specification.
* Fast data transfer rate of up to 3GB/ Sec.
* Offers compact 7-pin connector and slim design for better airflow and reduced cable clutter.
* 18” inches in Length.

Series :
Type :
Length : 18”

Connectors :

Connector A : Straight Connector ( 180∘)
Connector B : Straight Connector ( 180∘)

SATA II Compatible.

UPC Code
XON-SATA1818_Blue 842431013149


XON-SATA1818_Red 842431013132
XON-SATA1818_Silver 842431013163